I blame the parents. Not every kid is the next Bieber, or 1 Erection or whatever kid barbershop quartet will be popular for the next 97 seconds. It’s the parents fault.

"Holy Quaker Chewy turds that’s an amazing song honey! We should totally waste our time and money and the time and money of other professionals to try and turn that pile of mouth farts into the next big jingle. You’re not going to school anymore. You’re going to voice lessons, acting lessons, voice acting lessons, finishing school, mouth fart lessons and anything else we can think of to make you the next big thing. We love you dear and we will still love you even after all this fails, you never become famous, and wish us dead."

Qua qua qua Quaker Chewies. Come on now, let’s go get some. Because we’re broke and it’s all we can afford.

[Via Gawker]

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